The Mountain, The Sea, And The Sky

Patrick Berg Pedersen

My work and me

 My name is as you know already know, Patrick Berg Pedersen. I just got married so the most of you knows me only as Patrick Pedersen.

I've walked this earth for soon to be 38 years to come, I have been photographing as long as I barely can remember, I started with my grandparents Kodak Brownie and I remember my fathers father bought film for it and helped me with money so I could develop the film. This was back in the good old days of mine, back in the mid and late 80's.

When I was 9 years old I got money for my birthday so I could order my own camera, and of course it was Nikon I was going to have.. So I bought an used FE2 with a 50 1.8 and a 85 1.8.

I remember how I just loved to push the ISO of the film from 3200 to 6400 and all the way up to 12800, -which I had to calculate the exposure time in my head and in the dark room later when developing the film, the FE2's ISO meter "only" went up to 6400, which was not bad at all given the time we still were in! I didn't push/press(?) the film, which almost always was a T-MAX 3200, because I needed the speed (a fast shutter time), but just because I LOVED the raw, big and rough grain it produced. Still remember as it was yesterday that I shot Paris like this, the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower shot with ISO 12800 and a 50 1.8 and 85 1.8. 


In my early teens I got more and more into music, from listening to my dad's old vinyl records till starting to play different instruments myself. At a age of 15 I had my first band which I played guitar and were the vocalist in. My main idols were and always has been Pink Floyd, from the early days of Syd Barrett and David Gilmour. D.Gilmour is still my main idol, and always will be, I guess.

As many of the old musicians were experimenting with drugs back in the -60 and -70's, I had become curious about drug in general myself. That led to my own curiosity were growing and the first drug I ever tried was (alcohol first of course..) LSD. And I just loved it so much that I began constantly tripping on heavy doses of LSD and psilocybin. When I was 16 I had just started on my Press Photography education, which really didn't last that long. Why? Because sometimes life can hit you hard in the face before you even know it, and before I even knew the word of it I found myself on the cold streets of Oslo, (Norway's Capitol), hard addicted to Morphine, Heroin and pills. I had nowhere to live so I had to stay out on the streets, summer as winter, and believe me, winter nights in Norway can be VERY cold, sometimes it was under -20 degrees Celsius in the day and way colder at night. So I had to find a "decent" spot in a parking house or something to sleep in. I still remember sitting and begging for money for my next "fix" so that my body would't go in to withdrawal. (If you ever have experienced abstinence before you know that it is an addicted man's worst nightmare, I really can not think of anything more painful.) While I was sitting and begging for money I tried as hard as I could to hide my face and who I was, not because I cared so much about my old friends seeing me sitting on the streets with a little paper sign in front of me asking for money, but I didn't wan't any of my parents friends see me and say, "Hey, isn't that Patrick, son of ......"                           One thing that I am specially proud of after all those years as a Heroin addicted, -I were NEVER, not even once criminal and I have never once let my own foolishness of using drugs cost another innocent person something. It was me who had dragged myself down the drain and I only had myself to blame.(!)

Anyway, time doesn't stand still and before I realized it I had been a heavy Opiate addicted for 17 years, almost the half of my life before I decided once and for all back in 2010 that enough were enough. I got sober and with sober I mean 110% sober too. I am proud to say that I haven't even once had a "crack" in my sobriety, and today I KNOW with myself that I will NEVER EVER be that dumb again. It's really like going from Hell to Heaven, getting sober and getting my life back again. And don't you ever think I take even a day for granted, I am so happy to be alive, as I have lost more of my friends in overdose than I'm able to count.. I've been in too many funerals to be this "young".

In August this year I married the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world, so I have to be the luckiest man on earth!!! :-D


So that's a long long story made very very short for you. Stay away from drugs people, it ruins your soul as much as your body! It's really a Demon in disguise!


Thank you for reading my story and thank you for having a look at my page, I do hope you liked my work. And about my work, nothing is manipulated, added or subtracted in any way. My pictures should be as The maker himself made the landscape and nature, without too much human interference. All my shots are edited in Lightroom and sometimes I put it through Photoshop if it is dust to be seen on it. Luckily I'm a LEE Filters photographer so I get to use all kinds of different ND and Graduated ND filters, I think 8 out of 10 shots I make are long exposure done with filters like The Little stopper, The Big Stopper or The Super Stopper.


I hope you have enjoyed my work, I've been working hard with them, and their all from Norway. I can't afford to travel that much, which is a big pity, because just think of all those shots I could have made at other places.. 


Thank you!!!


Patrick Berg Pedersen


"The light that surrounds us is almighty, it gives us not only day and night, but the entire shape of life."